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Angels Tread on VR Ground in Where Angels Meet

A narrative VR experience in which players take the role of a guardian angel.

Stories concerning angels have been a rich source of fiction, featuring in films, television shows, books and, of course, video games. Angeles Vista Creative Ventures (AVCV) are developing a virtual reality (VR) experience  called Where Angels Meet that puts the player in the role of a guardian angel.

The developers describe Where Angels Meet as a narrative, cinematic VR experience which puts the player in the role of a guardian angel, watching over a young African-American boy named Marcus.

Players will not only be able to watch key events in the life of Marcus, but also be able to see and explore an imagining of Heaven, presented as an idyllic garden. AVCV say that the narrative of Where Angels Meet touches on themes such as spirituality, faith, racism and the challenges of life.

The story follows the life of Marcus, as he goes through the trials of growing up. Marcus has grown up being told that his mother died in childbirth, leaving Marcus to take solace in his faith, where he imagines a beautiful ‘Garden of Light’ where he can rest and meditate.

“Although Where Angels Meet is a fictional story, the aim is to provide insight into the life of a young African-American man, from a unique perspective,” said Micah Jackson, CEO of AVCV and creator of Where Angels Meet. “Marcus’ story parallels many of the issues and challenges that people of color face in the modern age and virtual reality is a powerful medium to convey this message.”

The Garden of Light is depicted in the VR experience has a lush, beautiful place, which serves as a central hub. Different sections of the Garden will be explored as the story progresses.

Where Angels Meet is an exclusive for Oculus Rift. A release date for the title has not been confirmed. A trailer for the experience is available to view below. Further information can be found on the official Where Angles Meet website.

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