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Bristol City

Bristol City Bring AR To The Humble Match Programme

As part of their new app, the club bring augmented reality to their publication ‘Well Red’.

The regular football season is beginning in earnest, and with it begins another year of intense matches full of creativity and heroics from players regardless of their position, team or league.

Football / SoccerOne British city that is no doubt preparing in earnest is Bristol. Like a number of other cities it has more than one football team to its name. With Bristol Rovers currently based in Football League One and Bristol City F.C. in the Championship both fresh off their first matches of this campaign, but it is the latter that we are dealing with today.

For this season, Bristol City are bringing something a little more immersive to their match programme ‘Well Red’ which will see fans be able to do more than just read it – and maybe throw it in the air when the team scores.  The publishing team will now be bringing augmented reality (AR) features to the publication.

The official Bristol City app will bring fans highlights of previous games from its match report, interviews with members of its men and women’s teams and pre-match messages from club staff.

Bristol City - Well Red ARSpeaking to the club’s official website, Bristol City’s Vice Chairman Jon Lansdown laid out how well things had gone so far with the new software. “The City app has already granted supporters access to more immersive and interactive content. It received 12,000 downloads within 24 hours of being launched in June, which was great to see and shows how loved it is by the club’s supporters. Augmented Reality is just one part of the City app, which helps to bring the much-loved Well Red to life. It presents supporters with engaging content in the palm of their hand and it really adds value to their match day experience. We are sure supporters will continue to love using the app and enjoy receiving even more from their traditional matchday programme too.”

It shouldn’t be that much of a surprise given Bristol’s status as a tech hub. Regular VRFocus readers will know of the existence of the ever-busy Bristol VR Lab, while a new virtual reality (VR) centre was opened within the city back in December last year. Last month the University of Bristol brought news of how it had used VR as part of its work in discovering new drugs.

No doubt there’ll be more news from Bristol very soon, and we’ll keep you up to date with it here on VRFocus. For more sporting news don’t forget to check out our regular feature This Week In VR Sport for the latest.

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