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Catch and Release Hero

Chilled out Fishing Experience Catch & Release Rows Onto PlayStation VR

It’s just you a boat and a wide open lake.

Ever fancied just chilling out on a beautiful blue lake with a clear blue sky above, with nothing to do but fish all day long? But then realised you live in the middle of a city and its been raining all day. Well fret not as Metricminds created idyllic fishing experience Catch & Release for situations just like that. Originally released for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in June, the studio has now brought the title to PlayStation VR.

Catch and Release Camera

Probably one of the most relaxing virtual reality (VR) experiences besides those with meditation qualities, Catch & Release  puts you in charge of a traditional rowing boat with one goal, catch a few fish. Rather than having a variety of locations to fish from you’re placed on one giant lake with complete freedom to explore it various nooks and waterways for the best fishing spot.

Once you’ve found a spot its time to cast out, stick the radio on and maybe munch down on a sandwich or two. To start with your bait and hook options are fairly limited, but catch a few fish and sell them at the store to earn enough cash to buy specialist bait and lures for those bigger fish.

This is no easy task, you’ll need to fight to reel them in, but don’t let them snap the line and escape. Of course in such a big lake there’s more than just a few fish lurking under the surface. If you’re unlucky you may find trash, or quite possibly some treasure.

Catch and Release Menu

Metricminds has included over 30 commercial tracks to listen to, specially curated for Catch & Release playing on the in-game boat radio. Licensed by Flip Entertainment, the tracks were selected to enhance the in-game music with a non-standard selection aimed at improving the overall immersive experience.

Catch & Release is available now on PlayStation Store in North, South and Latin America, Europe, the UK, and Australia. The UK store lists the title for £15.99 GBP while the US store has it priced at $19.99 USD with US PS Plus members able to save 10 percent. For any further updates for Catch & Release, keep reading VRFocus.

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