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Titan Arena

Crowdfunding Sought for Giant Robot VR Arena Shooter

Kickstarter launched by Lightbound Studio for Titan Arena.

As demonstrated by the countless stories featuring them on TV, film and videogames, we all know that giant robots are pretty cool. Giant robots pounding each other to sheet metal is therefore, automatically cooler. This is the concept Lightbound Studios are seeking to bring to life in virtual reality (VR) and have launched a Kickstarter in search of the funds for its title, Titan Arena.

Titan Arena is described as a ‘fast-paced first-person VR action shooter where you battle against colossal robots in a sci-fi arena.’ The developers are seeking to raise £23,018 (GBP), with 28 days still left to go.

Titan Arena

Players of Titan Arena will be able to pick from a selection of Titan robots, all of which has its own characteristics to suit individual play styles. As players progress, new weapons can be unlocked, and more powerful enemies will step up to face you in the arena.

The developers say they have spent some time working on a locomotion system that is intuitive while still maintaining comfort for the user and not triggering simulation sickness symptoms. Users will be able to use smooth movement strafing as a basic traversal method, and will also be able to dash, snap turn and even climb using the tether weapon.

Funding tiers range from $17 (USD) for an ‘Early Bird’ tier, which will get the backer access to a Steam key of Titan Arena upon release. Other tiers include the $50 Fighter tier, which will get the backer special high-resolution wallpaper, a digital art books, the soundtrack, Beta access and their name in the credits in addition to the standard Steam key.

As the top of the scale is the Titan Slayer Early Bird at $350, which gets the backer a limited edition 4-inch titan statue as well as a Titan Arena branded cap and t-shirt along with the art book, beta key, soundtrack and other items previously mentioned for other tiers.

Titan Arena

Further information can be found on the Kickstarter page. As usual, VRFocus will keep you up to date on VR-related crowdfunding projects.

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