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Defeat Deadly Space Wasps in VR Shooter Hit the Hive

Get vicarious revenge on the insect population with Early Access VR shooter.

Wasps are one of those things that can ruin a peaceful Summer picnic or day out. Publisher and developer VOID VR is allowing players the chance to vicariously get revenge on those pesky insects by sending you into battle against evil robot insects from space in virtual reality (VR).

Hit The Hive is a procedurally generated title, where everything from the number and type of enemies to their speed and attack patterns can vary between waves, meaning each time you load up, the videogame you play will be completely different.

The developers say that each level is a unique experience, which varies between close-quarters combat to long-range battles where precision is everything. Players will face fast flying enemies in space, or can take on the queen of the Hive in a long fight that will test skill and endurance.

The visuals are retro-inspired, taking inspiration from arcade classics like Asteroids or Space Invaders, while still offering a high-quality graphical experience, showing strange alien landscapes or the vast reaches of space.

Those who are interested in Hit the hive can download a free demo to test the gameplay for themselves. The title is currently in Early Access on Steam, with four out of the planned five levels available. The development team is anticipating roughly five months of early access, to give the team change to finish and add the final level, do some general polishing and fix and bugs that are discovered.

VOID VR are encouraging the Steam community to get involved by comparing scores on the leaderboard and by submitting bug reports and requests for new features to the dev team. The development team are hoping to get plenty of feedback from the community in order to perfect the gameplay.

Hit The Hive is available on Steam in Early Access form for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, priced at £8.99 (GBP). Further information can be found on the Steam Store page. Future coverage of new and upcoming VR titles will continue to be here on VRFocus.

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