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Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams screenshot

Enter the Subconscious with Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams

New PlayStation VR trailer for uplifting VR experience Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams now available.

Not every virtual reality (VR) experience has to be a fast-paced, pulse-pounding action title. Sometimes its good to slow down and relax for a while, as proven by the new trailer for Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams, and meditative journey through different imaginary landscapes.

Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams was first unveiled back in May this year by developers Frost Earth Studio, which was described as an uplifting experience featuring encouraging words and phrases, which was heading to PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift.

Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams screenshot

The PlayStation VR version now has a trailer, which opens with the bold words ‘A New Era of Emotions is Coming’ before dissolving into a series of vivid scenes, including a bio-luminescent forest, and what appears to be a Chinese-style temple lit by glowing red lantern. This is follwed by the surreal sight of a rock floating in the air with a waterfall splashing endlessly down its side.

Players are invited to relax in the various landscapes, and explore at their own pace, interacting with the environment to reveal the positive messages scattered around. Along the way, players can find bright ‘spheres of opportunity’, and collecting them all will open up a new ‘heavenly environment’ as well as additional content which will be regularly updated after launch.

Not everything is entirely peaceful, however. Players will need to navigate through flames or tornadoes, or adventure through deep, spooky caves with only a dim lantern to help find the way.

The music is said to be integral to the experience, as demonstrated by the peaceful piano piece which plays over the trailer. The soundtrack for Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams is said to feature well-known composers such as Ennio Morricone or Nicola Piovani, along with some lesser-known international artists.

Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams screenshot

The trailer for the title is available to view below, and further coverage of Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams will continue to be featured here on VRFocus.

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