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Fan Project Aims to Bring Wolfenstein 3D Into VR

Re-experience the grandfather of the first-person shooter in glorious VR.

When it comes to the Wolfenstein franchise and virtual reality (VR), most people will tend to think of the upcoming Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot that was announced at E3 earlier this year. A group of fans have something a bit more nostalgic in mind, however.

Wolfenstein 3D was released in 1992 by id Software, and single-handedly launched the monster videogame genre now called the first-person shooter. The title broke new ground in its time and is still well-regarded. Now a group of fans are working on bringing the title into VR.

The project is inspired by the attempt by Alternate World Technology to create ‘Wolfenstein VR’ back in 1993, which used a heavy and bulky arcade head-mounted display and Polhemus tracker technology, though the project was ultimately hindered by the technology limitation of the time.

The new fan project is seeking top revive this idea using modern VR technology, which they say: “Allows us to step inside the castle once again in this tribute to one of the greatest games ever made.”

The currently available version of Wolfenstein 3D VR uses the Windows Shareware version of Wolfenstien 3D as a basis, which involves ten levels of labyrinthine hallways, secret passages, guard dogs and, of course, an entire army of Nazi forces just waiting to be shot dead, all presented in VR.

Currently the only fully supported VR device is the HTC Vive, though the developers say they are working on getting it working for the Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality devices.

Those interested in trying out Wolfenstein 3D VR for themselves will need to visit the Itch.io site and download the file before unzipping and running it. The development team are accepting feedback from the community in an effort to catch bugs and glitches and improve the experience.

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