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Autumn Coin-Op Show 2018

FOIL Meets ACOS: The Future of Immersive Leisure To Run London Event At Autumn Coin-Op Show

Kevin Williams brings Las Vegas expo to UK.

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more events in the run up this year, we’ve got news of another event for the UK and one with a very familiar name.

Regular VRFocus readers will no doubt remember Future of Immersive Leisure event aka FOIL which has taken place in America for the last couple of years founded by Kevin Williams, who also contributes here frequently as the author of The Virtual Arena. Now, as part of the firth annual edition of The Autumn Coin-Op Show (ACOS), The London Future of Immersive Leisure will be running alongside the event throughout the 3rd and 4th of October.

Future Of Immersive Leisure 2018 (FOIL 2018)Regarding previous FOIL events Kevin Williams says the 2018 event in Las Vegas “was a wide-reaching event covering every aspect of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), with conference sessions focused on hardware, software, traditional and new markets and the opportunities for commercial exploitation of these exciting technologies. The London Event will be a more streamlined and targeted affair, looking at current trends and experiences within the UK and the practical aspects of introducing immersive technologies into leisure venues, both large and small.”

Confirmed sessions will include: Trends in Location-based VR and AR, New Directions in VR and AR Arcades and Location-Based Entertainment centres, and Next-Generation VR/AR Rides and Attractions.

“We all need to keep an eye on the future.” Cautions ACOS Organiser Karen Cooke. “Immersive entertainment was once the preserve of large attractions but advances in technology have seen its profitable integration into a variety of smaller venues, including FECs, piers arcades and localised leisure destinations.”

Autumn Coin-Op Show 2018“We hope visitors will take time out to attend the London FOIL. Our industry has a reputation for embracing the new and some operations are already featuring 4D games and added immersive attractions such as laser tag and escape rooms. The technology may be virtual but the rewards could be very real!”

Interested parties can find out more information on the ACOS website. VRFocus will bring you more news on the event over the next month as well as, no doubt, a report in The Virtual Arena at a later date.

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