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Football Nation VR Is Coming Home… To The Post Gamescom XR Review

Cherry Pop Games will be bringing Football Nation VR to the VRFocus supported Post Gamescom XR review event.

While England might have missed out on winning the World Cup this year, there is still chance to snag a virtual trophy for attendees at the VRFocus post-Gamescom XR review event, as Cherry Pop Games will be bringing Football Nation VR to the event.

Football Nation VR is an upgraded version of VRFC: Virtual Reality Football Club, which brings in several expanded gameplay elements, including a tournament mode directly inspired by the World Cup.

Post Gamescom Review - Football Nation VRPlayers are able to put on a VR headset in order to take their place on a (virtual) professional team, and make their way up the leagues. Those who do well enough at running, kicking and tackling might even get the chance to play matches at the iconic Wembley Stadium, complete with a cheering crowd.

VRFC was a relatively simple five-a-side style football title, which offered some easily accessible sports experience for VR fans. Though VRFC was positively received for the most part, feedback from the community suggested that a more in-depth experience might be welcomed.

As a result, all 37 countries who took part in the 2018 World Cup are represented in Football Nation VR, and players can choose to take their place on any of the national teams. In the first round, players might be up against any of the other 36 teams, with the simple task ahead of them – score as many goals as possible.

Only 16 teams move forward to the second round, which then continues until only 8 teams, then four, until it is whittled down to one ultimate winner, who will get the chance to heft a virtual trophy.

Football Nation VR 2018

Cherry Pop Games will be bringing a playable version of the title for attendees at the Gamescom XR review event to try, alongside other new and upcoming VR titles from prominent VR developers, such as Rebellion and Firesprite.

You can apply for tickets to the post-Gamescom XR Review event at the Event Brite page, and further news about the event will continue to be covered here on VRFocus.

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