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Free-Roaming Mech Battling Title Looking for Beta Testers

MechZ from SiliconDroid is searching for Beta testers for online multiplayer on Oculus Go.

There is an undeniable appeal to the idea of taking control of a giant robot, which explains why there are so many examples of it in our media. Independent developer Silicon Droid are seeking to bring that thrill to virtual reality (VR) for users of Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream with MechZ.

Silicon Droid is primarily known as a developer of Android mobile titles, but has previously worked in VR with its Google Cardboard title GalaxyVR. MechZ is a more ambitious project that lets the player take control of a giant mech in a free-roaming shooter.

The title is currently in Early Access, and available information seems to indicate that it was originally intended for Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream, though the developers are now working on crafting a version for Oculus Go.

It seems the advanced features of the standalone Oculus Go were of interest to the team at Silicon Droid, as they are building some new features into the Oculus Go version, taking advantage of the latest Oculus Go technology.

This will allow for Fixed Foveation, a constant 72FPS for a smoother and more comfortable experience, online multiplayer, in-cockpit streaming radio and in-cockpit data stream and the ability for the virtual avatar to hold an Oculus Go controller for more immersion.

The development team are currently seeking players for additional Beta testing. In particular, they are looking for teams of people to test the online multiplayer, and people who tend to suffer from simulation sickness so the various comfort options can be properly tested.

The Beta/Early Access version has all 60 missions unlocked so users who are interested can test the title to its full extend. Interested players can visit the Silicon Droid Twitter for further details.

A release date for MechZ is yet to be confirmed, but the developers have indicated that it will be free-to-play with a single one-off payment to unlock all gated content.

The teaser trailer is available to view below, and VRFocus will be sure to bring you any updates on MechZ and other upcoming titles.

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