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Twilight Path

Gameplay Teaser Video for Twilight Path Revealed

A first look at the surreal, mystical puzzle title coming from Charm Games.

Early this year, the developer behind virtual reality (VR) surreal puzzle title FORM, Charm Games, announced it was returning to VR with a new puzzle-based videogame called Twilight Path. Players can now get their first proper look with the unveiling of the first gameplay teaser video.

Players of Twilight Path will find themselves transported to a mystical land inhabited by wandering spirits and trickster gods. There, players will need to solve puzzles in order to restore the land to its former glory.

Twilight Path

The gameplay trailer begins in an old-fashioned shop fully of worn, dusty curiosities. One particular attracts attention – an automated fortune-reading machine. As the glow of the animatronic fortune teller’s crystal ball gets brighter, the camera is whited out, before a new and mysterious new environment is revealed.

Most of the environments shown in the gameplay trailer have a vaguely Eastern flavour, showing images reminiscent of Japanese shrines, or architecture like the Great Wall of China. A number of puzzles are shown, such as using some f kind of special sight ability to reveal hidden lines in a doorway that need to be aligned so it will open, or a towering pillar that needs to be re-assembled in order to proceed.

The development team at Charm Games have promised a relaxed experience for Twilight Path, and said that players will not face the stress of things such as time limits or the possibility of your character having a nasty death. The developers say they preferred to craft an experience that is suitable for as wide an audience as possible.

The previous VR title form Charm Games, FORM, received a positive review from the VRFocus team, saying: “While FORM isn’t perfect, it sure comes close. Yes it’s a bit too easy, and could do with an extra hour or two of gameplay, but Charm Games has created a mesmerising experience from start to finish.”

Twilight Path

The teaser gameplay trailer is available to view below, and further news on Twilight Path will be right here on VRFocus.

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