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A Fisherman’s Tale

Gone Fishing with Announcement Trailer for A Fisherman’s Tale

A surreal realm of infinite lighthouses awaits in upcoming puzzle-adventure from Vertigo Games and INNERSPACE.

Earlier this month, developer Vertigo Games revealed that it had teamed up with INNERSPACE to create a new virtual reality (VR) title, A Fisherman’s Tale, which stepped out of the fast-paced shooters that Vertigo Games have become known for and instead crafted a dreamlike tale about a puppet of a fisherman and his unusual adventure.

The developers have now unveiled the announcement trailer for A Fisherman’s Tale, a puzzle-adventure title where the player must help a fisherman puppet reach the top of his lighthouse to warn incoming ships of a terrible storm, only to discover the world has taken a strange and surreal edge.

A Fisherman’s Tale

The trailer begins with a warm voice narrating the tale of a fisherman puppet, who lived alone in his lighthouse. As the camera pans, a table which has a model lighthouse is revealed, with the narrator describing it as ‘perfect in every detail’ as the camera shows there is even a tiny replica of the fisherman within the model lighthouse.

‘Worlds within worlds, walls within walls, closing out the storm so it can never reach inside.’ the narrator intones as the camera zooms in, showing yet another lighthouse within the model, and another, and another, zooming down apparently to infinity.

Something has changed in this safe, cosy world of the fisherman, however. Something that means the inward-facing safety of this apparently endless loop is no longer as safe as it was. The developers have said that the fisherman will be joined by some unusual characters on his journey, who will aid him in solving the puzzles needed to reach his goal.

Gameplay will involve logic and puzzle-solving, and players will need to figure out what objects to pick up, combine or throw in order to reach the objective.

A Fisherman’s Tale

The announcement video is available to view below. A release date for the title has not yet been confirmed, but is said to be sometime in 2018 for the PlayStation VR.

For further news on A Fisherman’s Tale and other upcoming VR titles, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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