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HoloCafé Attend Gamescom 2018 To Showcase New VR Experience

The virtual reality café for multiplayer experiences will also be expanding to three new venues.

The German startup HoloCafé are at Gamescom 2018 exhibiting a number of new videogames titles for their virtual reality (VR) Café franchise. Alongside these new titles that the company are demonstrating, they have also revealed a number of new venues that will be opening in the coming months in order to bring more VR experiences to a wider audience.

Fabios Fantastic Fun Factory

Attending Gamescom 2018, the HoloCafé is back in a large format. being the silver sponsor of the Indie Arena Booth, the startup is supporting indie developers from all over the world who are showcasing their latest titles in a massive booth, with over 70 meters squared of playable space, hosting their latest content for eight simultaneous players. This include a newly reworked version of the part videogame Chaos Commando which features new missions.

Visitors are also able to see the premiere of the title Fabios Fantastic Fun Factory which is a four player go up against each other in a number of different challenges which require dexterity and swiftness. The title will be releasing later this year in October exclusively in all HoloCafé venues.

Fabios Fantastic Fun Factory

Talking about the new content, Managing Director Jessica Karger said: “With Fabios Fantastic Fun Factory, we are further enhancing our family-friendly arcade concept. In our VR cafés, we welcome players ranging from 6 to over 80 years, including visitors who never called themselves gamers before.”

The HoloCafé franchise expanded into two new locations Aachen and Troisdorf in August of last year and now their will be further expanding into three more new venues. On September 3rd, 2018 the next HoloCafé will open in the city of Bochum at the Botag leisure facility that also hosts Lastertag and Escape Rooms. The flagship store in Düsseldorf opens in November and will add a futuristic HoloCafé to the multiplayer VR offers. The Gamescom host city of Cologne will also be getting a HoloCafé in early 2019.

As the HoloCafé franchise continues to expand to new venues along with growing it’s library of exciting offerings for their customers, VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest from the company so make sure to stay tuned for all the news.

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