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Inowize Announces Location-Based VR Attraction

Digital production agency Inowize announces location-based system VR Quest Arena.

One of the challenges faced by location-based virtual reality (VR) centres is how to offer a room-scale experience within a limited amount of space. Digital production agency Inowize thinks it might have the answer with its newly announced product, VR Quest Arena.

VR Quest Arena is a turnkey, location-based VR attraction which allows for three different types of VR videogaming experience from within the same gaming arena, able to provide for single player, multiplayer PvE or multiplayer PvP.

In order to circumvent the restrictions of space, VR Quest Arena utilises a labyrinth-like structure within its content that gives the illusion of a vast environment without needed a huge playing space. The company is promising several parks for customers, with the structure allowing for large walking environments, support for multi-sensory features all mapped to a 4.5m by 4.5m space.

On launch, VR Quest Arena will have two custom-developed VR titles available, one of which will be an action multiplayer experience, while the other will be an immersive single-player title. In order to enhance player engagement and add replay value, leaderboard and tournament options will be made available for its multiplayer modes.

Inowize expect that most of its clients for the VR Quest Arena system will be theme parks and family entertainment centers, and have developed a user-friendly management tool for the running and supervision of arcade operations.

“We aim to produce only high quality VR content, not just because we want our experiences to look good, but also because we want people to feel more comfortable with virtual reality, to embrace it as a new entertainment option,” said Claudia Mihalache, Co-founder of Inowize, referring to the company’s upcoming projects.

The single player VR experience developed by Inowize, Grim Helm, has already had positive feedback during its preview events in July.

Further information on VR Quest Arena can be found on the Inowize website. As usual, VRFocus will keep you up to date with news on new and upcoming VR content.

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