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Interactive VR Experience Suspension House Just Scooped A Top 3D Architecture Prize

Showcasing the natural environment working with a structure.

The what’s, how’s and why’s of virtual reality (VR) especially, and to a smaller extent augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) continue to be debated. But two things are for certain, the way that the technologies are being used are on the increase and the number of ways the technology is being recognised as a creative medium are on the increase as well.

The latest VR related experience to receive plaudits comes courtesy of CGarchitect’s 2018 Architectural 3D Awards.

Now entering their fifteenth year the 3D Awards choose from thousands of applications every year the very best in architectural visualisation. 2018 saw multi-sensory VR experience Suspension House by Kilograph and Fougeron Architecture take home the top prize in the ‘Interactive’ category, which also featured representation from AR and other “emerging technologies”. A panel of judges deemed Suspension House to be the best after they judges all enties based on the originality of the piece, the overall impression and how the entry implemented its user interface/user experience (UI/UX).

Taking the viewer to the Napa Valley. Suspension House was designed to showcase a natural environment working with a structure, instead of against it. As such the experience shows the house as affected by the weather nature and the nature around it, with the viewer able to trigger changes to the outside environment as they explore the house using gaze-based navigation and controls.  Suspension House is set to be a part of the A+D Museum Wireframes exhibit in Los Angeles from September 8th through to November 25th 2018

“Kilograph is at our best when we get to be creative, and we had a lot of leeway on this project,” commented Founder and CEO of Kilograph Keely Colcleugh in a statement. “To be recognized for an experiment is a total thrill, and only gives us more motivation to keep pushing the boundaries of unbuilt applications.”

You can see promotional videos, a storyboard and additional screenshots for the experience below.  For more news and features on VRFocus relating to the topic of architecture and design, click here.

Suspension House - ScreenshotSuspension House - Screenshot

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