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Inventing America

Inventing America Invites You To 17th Century Governor’s Island In AR

New augmented reality experience offers the chance to walk through history.

There are plenty of ways that people can use augmented reality (AR) to change the world around them and make a walk around their local city more interesting. Now, a new AR experience called Inventing America allows users the chance to travel back in time and to see New York City as it was back in the 17th century as they explore the real-world Governor’s Island.

Inventing America

Today, Governor’s Island is a scenic destination that has a number of historic sites along with a national park. It was originally the seasonal outpost for the Native Americans and would be where the British would set up camp. It also changed hands several times between the English and the Dutch – specifically, the West India Company, which made the island its main base of operations. Now, thanks to the power of AR technology, visitors to the island can step through a tear in history to see this time period for themselves.

The post-colonial scene is filled with plenty to see and hear as 3D rendered character fill the island each offering a chance to talk and learn. Thanks to motion capture technology, the world feels believable and offers a truly immersive way to walk through history and see the city of New York as it once was. Inventing America also features a branching story line for that users are able to follow and experience freely at their own pace. It’s entirely up to each person how much they want to interact with the locals within the virtual location or just explore the island.

Inventing America

As Inventing America app is mapped to the real-world Governor’s Island, users will get a greater sense of scale and immersion as they can see locations lineup in real-time.

Inventing America is still being developed by those looking to become beta testers can do so over at the app’s website. Once it releases, users will need to head over to the real-world Governor’s Island in New York City in order to experience the AR look into the past. A short video that explores the app can be viewed below.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on Inventing America in the future so to stay up to date make sure to keep reading.

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