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Cave Digger: Riches

It’s Time to get Mining as Cave Digger: Riches DLC Launches

The videogame has now arrived on Oculus Store.

A few months ago Finnish indie studio VRKiwi launched its first virtual reality (VR) title on Steam, a comedic take on the harsh world of mining with Cave Digger. Having released several patches the team has now brought out the first DLC for the title, Cave Digger: Riches.

Cave Digger: Riches

While the core Cave Digger videogame is free on Steam the DLC will cost you some cash. There are two versions on the retail platform, the standard Cave Digger: Riches DLC for £15.49 GBP and Cave Digger: Riches Support’s Edition for £32.99.

The DLC adds seven different endings for players to uncover with VRKiwi hinting: “Get creative with the nuke, collect all the fancy tools and write down your best jokes. What? Yes, you’ll need jokes. If you are able to unveil all of the endings.” New tools have been added like the mining gauntlet which can be made more powerful by adding a few gems.

Or how about upgrading the tools you already have, make and automatic pickaxe or an energy efficient saw for example. With these you’ll be able to discover new secrets and treasures on new floors, even coming across a lava level.

Cave Digger: Riches

“We really liked to play Minecraft and part of the idea was to recapture similar core mining experience into VR and then develop the rest further with other ideas. We also wanted it to be old western themed with fantasy elements or alternative western, says Jani Kaipainen, the CEO of Cave Digger developer VRKiwi in a statement. ”We have got lot of promising feedback and help from the community in Discord and other channels to develop Cave Digger further. Gamescom helped us a lot too as you get to talk to your potential players and influencers from around the world.”

As for the Support’s Edition, those extra pennies will get you a gold-plated pick-axe, Cave Digger OST and concept graphic collection, and your name will be shown randomly on “Wanted posters” to all players.

Cave Diggers and its accompanying DLC can be found on Steam, supporting HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Oculus Rift owners can also find Cave Digger: Riches on the Oculus Store for £14.99 GBP. For further updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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