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Jaunt XR Platform

Jaunt XR Platform Expands Through new AR R&D Initiatives

Anyone for a 360-degree AR selfie?

Jaunt has been one of the leading companies when it comes to immersive content creation and distribution. Its app was one of the first to offer 360-degree videos across a range of platforms, and the company has been further expanding its virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) initiatives through the launch of the Jaunt XR platform. Today, the company has revealed several new research and development projects currently being carried out.

Jaunt XR Platform

The company has showcased its new volumetric capture technology, essentially allowing it to create 360-degree full-body AR images of a person, matching the subject’s appearance, movements, and vocals in the form of a shareable, to-scale asset.

These assets can then be streamed to mobile devices using the Jaunt XR platform, allowing its B2B customers to further integrate them through their own applications and channels.

“At Jaunt, we’re always thinking about expanding the boundaries of storytelling by exploring the full immersive content spectrum; from virtual reality, to augmented & mixed reality, volumetric, and even new formats that our advanced development teams are working on,” said Arthur van Hoff, Jaunt CTO & Founder in a statement. “But our primary focus is empowering our partners to harness these evolving technologies, using the Jaunt XR Platform as the foundation for delivering their cutting-edge immersive content. Our ongoing research and development will serve as a cornerstone of the XR Platform’s evolution, and our volumetric capabilities are only the first step in this initiative.”

Jaunt XR Platform

This is just one of several initiatives Jaunt is developing with others in the pipeline including additional volumetric streaming capabilities, immersive content driven by machine learning, and technologies foundational to enabling premium XR experiences.

“Standing as one of the early, major players in the virtual and augmented reality space, we’ve taken our consumer-facing technology and storytelling capabilities and made them available to our partners,” van Hoff goes on to add. “Our B2B focus addresses a need for companies to be able to deliver AR and VR, and we see our XR Platform’s real-time volumetric capabilities as yet another avenue for them to share engaging stories through their own channels. It’s just one of the ways we’re continuing to push the boundaries of XR content at Jaunt.”

Check out Jaunt’s experiment’s in the video below, and for any further updates keep reading VRFocus.

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