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Museum of Symmetry

Kaleidoscopic Joyride Museum of Symmetry Is Now Avaiable For HTC Vive

Experience a colourful journey through the highest clouds to the ocean deep.

The National Film Board of Canada and developer Casa Rara have come together to work on a virtual reality (VR) title that takes players on a kaleidoscopic joyride through the highest clouds to the ocean deep. Titled Museum of Symmetry, directed and animated by Paloma Dawkins, and co-authored by Dawkins and poet, Ashley Obscura, the unique experience is available now for HTC Vive owners.

Museum of Symmetry

Taking a non-traditional approach to storytelling. Museum of Symmetry takes players through earth, fire, wind and water, to experience the unexpected pleasure-positive trip that journeys through nature and self. An impish game mistress will welcome players into the delightfully disorienting pleasure dome inspired by geometry and nature-and wired with infectious dance betas. The videogame is a metaphor for life and will break the rules of what people know about everything and encourage them to just enjoy life and the experience.

Museum of Symmetry made its debut at the MAZE Festival back in April of this year, where the National Film Board of Canada brought it to Berlin to let people get hands-on with the beautiful looking title. Originally developed as a 2D desktop videogame, which used hand-drawn animation to take players on the journey it has now been brought over to VR. Working with content creation start-up Casa Rara, the National Film Board of Canada brought the experience over to HTC Vive by leveraging the Unity Engine.

The title is also the National Film Board of Canada’s Oscar-winning Animation Studio’s first foray into interactive VR. It sets out to test assumptions about “reality” versus “believability” in the new immersive medium. The goal of the experience is to offer players a fantastical journey that is both emotional and physical, along with testing the possibilities for suspending disbelief in VR. This continues into the use of hand-drawn 2D animations, which is not normally used within VR, being a conscious extension of this goal to brace a stylized reality from imagination and pen of a talent artist.

Museum of Symmetry is available now for HTC Vive owners on both Steam and Viveport and is available for free. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on Museum of Symmetry so make sure to keep reading to stay up to date.

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