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Kickstarter for VR Motion Simulator Feel Three Passes Goal

The Feel Three motion simulator aims to bring the full simulator experience to user homes.

For many users of virtual reality (VR), one of the most appealing things about it is the immersive nature, feeling like you are truly present in a virtual environment. Many users want to go the extra mile and find ways of making VR experiences even more immersive. The newly launched Kickstarter for a device called Feel Three aims to cater to this.

The Feel Three is billed as an ‘Affordable, modular and customisable simulator’. The device is designed specifically to work with VR, to provide new features to an immersive experience like movement by adding in full-body feedback.

Motion simulator rigs are usually the sort of equipment reserved for large VR arcades or other large attractions, owing to the large size and considerable expense, but Feel Three aims to bring this functionality to home VR users.

The result is a half-sphere which sits on a base which contains wheels and motors that can move users in three degrees of movement – yaw, pitch and roll. By using the half-sphere, this means the device is relatively easy to move. The the simulator device is synched to a tracker near the headset to provide constant real-time updates to ensure the experience is smooth.

Users will be able to modify their Feel Three rig by adjusting the armrest areas, which both contain a removable plate that accommodates most commercially available controllers, with an options to add a steering wheel or flight stick shelf.

The originally goal for Feel Three was to raise £50,000 (GBP), a goal they quickly surpassed, with 43 backers having pledged £62,547 as of time of writing.

There are still 29 days to go on the Kickstarter campaign, and though the ‘Super Early Bird’ tier is already gone, plenty of other tiers remain, which ranges from the £30 pledge to get your own ‘omniwheel’ kit to build your own projects, through to the standard simulator at £1,999, or the ‘Founder Edition tier at £7,999.

Further information can be found on the Feel Three Kickstarter page. Future coverage of Feel Three and other VR-related crowdfunding projects will be here on VRFocus.

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