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Lemnis Technologies Verifocal

Lemnis Technologies Announce Platform For Reducing Simulation Sickness

New hardware and software for lessening symptoms of simulation sickness will be demonstrated at SIGGRAPH 2018.

Though developments in the understanding of virtual reality (VR) and new measures introduced to combat it, simulation sickness still remains a problem for many VR users, and is one of the factors limiting the growth of the VR market. To combat this, Lemnis Technologies have create a hardware and software platform called Verifocal.

The company says that Verifocal works with the natural functions of the human eye to create a more immersive and comfortable experience for VR users. The Verifocal system analyses eye movements to determine where a user is looking and how far. This data allows for the optics of the headset to be automatically adjusted.

Lemnis Technologies Verifocal

Lemnis Technoogies is launching its new product at SIGGRAPH 2018, where attendees will be able to test the first headsets with Verifocal technology, and place orders for the evaluation kits.

The company says that the Verifocal technology works to trigger a natural accommodation response in the human eye, which allows for a more comfortable experience when observing nearby objects in VR, meaning less possibility of eye strain.

Verifocal can also allow users who normally need glasses to engage in VR without them, since the technology can take into account a user’s prescription to provide a sharp and clear experience without needing to wear glasses and a VR headset.

Many users who have had problems with eye-strain, headaches or nausea have avoided using VR for those reasons, and Lemnis Technologies believes that by alleviating those issues, more users will be tempted to try or return to VR experiences.

Lemnis Technologies Co-Founder & CEO, Dr. Pierre-Yves Laffont states: “The VR industry has made significant progress in the past few years, but there are still fundamental flaws in the design of today’s headsets. Most headsets try to mimic natural viewing as it occurs in the real world, but the vergence-accommodation conflict prevents users from having a comfortable, prolonged VR experience. We’ve developed a platform that works together with the human eye to create a natural response that we hope will help more people feel comfortable in virtual reality.”

Lemnis Technologies Verifocal

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