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Palindrone 360

Life In 360°: A Musical Mind Trip

“The beginning of a journey is a journey to the beginning.”

I had thought we were done with music videos in 360 degrees for a while after our selection of them at the end of last month. However, as always with the world of virtual reality (VR) and all that is associated with it, things are always in motion.  So, it’s back to the world of music videos for today’s Life In 360° for one more song.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoDavid Rosen recently released PalinDRONE 360, a new VR music video for the song Palindrone, which was taken from his fourth studio album A Different Kind Of Dream. He describes the process to make PalinDRONE 360 and his history with the medium below.

“Two years ago, I teamed up with NewLine Videography to make Constellations 360, which went on to not only be a huge hit racking up over 150,000 plays (a lot for one musician and a filmmaker who hadn’t yet worked in 360), but my most viewed music video. This was actually my 2nd VR Music Video, after the award-winning An Unseen Sky VR (developed by Elemental Spark), which also happened to be the first ever VR music video. But I’m so happy to be working with NewLine Videography on another psychedelic experience to go along with my music.

“In PalinDRONE 360, you find yourself in a mysterious tower shaped room in which all the gravity gives way and you and everything around you begins to float towards the ceiling. As everything in the room dances and swirls around you to the beat of the pulsating music, you come to realize that the path that everything takes is moving in a palindrome like pattern in which the 2nd half is a mirror image of the 1st half. At the end, you and everything that was originally around you on the floor lands perfectly in place on the ceiling the video has an incredibly trippy, dream-like quality and is something I have never seen done before in the realm of VR.”

Well, it is a Wednesday, so by the end of the day we’ll have all begun to slip into that trippy state of near delirium that the realisation we’ve still got two days left after this on the working week brings. So, consider this a bit of escapism for your morning. You can check out the video below and find out some more about the project through Rosen’s personal website here.

VRFocus meanwhile will be back again with another 360 degree video at the usual time on Friday. I’ll see you then.

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