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Sierra Leone

Life In 360°: Aftermath Of An African Tragedy

We head to Freetown in Sierra Leone with Reelmedia Film and UNICEF.

It’s an odd feeling to get an email that effectively thanks you for your work covering a tragedy, after all how do you respond to that? Saying “thank you” sounds a bit disingenuous, as obviously you’d much rather you didn’t have to write about sad stories like that at all. But that’s what we got this week in the VRFocus mailbag. I’m not even sure who was responsible for the story, but over the last few years we have indeed reported on a number of features where studios have created experiences based on very tragic circumstances and have brought the stories from that to life.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoBecause, like it or not, it’s the reality.  Not every story can be a happy one, and in much the same way not every video on Life In 360° can be a happy one either. So today here’s another one to make you think, published back in February this year by Reelmedia Film.

The piece, directed by Tim Webster, produced by Harriet Mason and entitled Mudslide360 and tells the story of a tragic event that took place in Freetown – which is both the capital and the largest city in Sierra Leone, West Africa – in 2017.

Mudslide360 follows the journey of a family who lost their house and loved ones in the mudslide that swept through Freetown, Sierra Leone in 2017. The film is an immersive audio and visual experience that transports the viewer from the night of the mudslide to the temporary camp for mudslide victims, until finally we are taken one woman’s new home where, with UNICEF’s help, she can support her family and begin rebuilding her life.”

You can find the video below. VRFocus  will be back with another example of 360 degree video this coming Friday at the usual time.

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