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Life In 360°: The Icy Depths

Join Greenpeace for a trip beneath the Antarctic Ocean.

Regular readers of our thrice weekly dips into the world of 360 degree video will know that I like to keep us moving. Zipping around, as we change the perspective and see all manner of new things and familiar places from a new viewpoint. So if I get the chance I like to take us somewhere unusual, a country or a city we’ve not featured.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoOr in some cases a continent.

Now, we’ve actually already featured the continent of Antarctica once here on Life In 360°, thanks to a Christmas Day double-feature last year from National  Geographic. But today’s video is a little different – and not that it’s coming from a source other than Nat Geo.

Whereas they showed us penguins on the rocks, however, we’re going to be all at sea on this one as we join a crew from Greenpeace below the surface of the Antarctic Ocean – also known  as both the Southern Ocean and the Austral Ocean. Antarctic Ocean covers 4% of the Earth’s surface – an area over twenty million square kilometers (or over 7.5 million square miles).  It also has a depth of between 13,000 and 16,000 feet. As such, and considering the difficulty in the location, less than fifty people have ever dived to the bottom of the Antarctic Ocean.

As Greenpeace puts it in their video, “Shall we join them?”

Experience the wonders of the Antarctic first hand in this stunning VR film, narrated by and featuring Hollywood star and Antarctic ambassador Javier Bardem.”

VRFocus will be back first thing this Friday with another 360 degree video.

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