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The Female Planet - Vidya Vox

Life In 360°: The Two Worlds Of Vidya Vox

The first season of The Female Planet comes to an end.

For Wednesday and Friday’s editions of Life In 360° we have the slightly unusual occurance of a double dose of recent releases. In Friday’s case it was even sent to me before the official release just so I could see it. Which was pretty nice of them.Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoWe start with the end – the end of a series that is. The final episode of 360 degree film series The Female Planet. The series showcases five extraordinary women with careers in science, technology, sports, and the arts all of whom have shared their own individual tales of how they’ve become who they are today. The final episode deals singer and YouTube star Vidya Vox, who She takes viewers back to Mumbai, India and to everything that helped shape and merge both her two nationalities and the two music genres she embraced – Western pop and electronic music.

“The final film ends the series with a bang,” According to award-winning director of The Female Planet series, Mary Matheson. “We wanted to create an epic journey to showcase Vidya’s extraordinary story from bullied Indian kid in the US to huge international YouTube star. India gave us the perfect cinematic setting, and Vidya and her dancers make this film visually stunning.”

Shot by award-winning production studio Surround Vision with a combination of stereoscopic 3D and the Yi HALO camera utilising Google Jump, you can see the final film below.

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