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MiHiepa Creates new Football Performance Platform REZZIL Academy

The company will soon expand into the US soccer market.

Virtual reality (VR) training exists for a number of sports, with MiHiepa focusing on pro football. The company recently announced a brand new platform aimed at identifying and improving talent across the academy system: REZZIL Academy, as well as expanding into the US with a New York office.


The core MiHiepa platform is already installed at leading football clubs across the Premier League and top European leagues, able to collate millions of natural movement data points, to build a picture of player capabilities across several key areas.

REZZIL Academy uses HTC Vive Pro headsets and comprises four key drills alongside analytics tools to give coaches insights into a player’s ability to cope with pressure, make great in-game decisions and react to challenge whilst enabling easy objective comparison and player performance tracking against themselves and their peers.

While MiHiepa has seen significant growth in Europe the company is now targeting the US. Thanks to an investment deal with US venture firm Channel Mark, MiHiepa’s newly established New York office will be used as the base to launch Rezzil Academy across North America.


“We have been impressed since the very first time we saw MiHiepa 10 months ago, and after meeting the team behind the product we felt compelled to make a more solid partnership and investment. We believe this space is poised for very significant growth,” said Brendan O’Shea COO of Channel mark in a statement. “With four million registered youth soccer players in the US this is a big opportunity; literally and figuratively. The new Rezzil product is the tip of the iceberg for where the team intend to take innovation in elite sport across all ages and genders”.

“We’re excited about the opportunities working with an investment partner such as Channel Mark brings.  Not only will MiHiepa now have an established base and employees in the USA, we will also benefit from the knowledge and contacts their high tech team bring with them,” comments Adam Dickinson, Development Director, MiHiepa. “This now enables us to have a foothold, and most importantly constant presence in the rapidly developing and innovation receptive U.S. Soccer Market.”

VRFocus will continue its coverage of MiHiepa reporting back with the latest updates.

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