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Zero Caliber

Military Shooter Zero Caliber Shows Its Quality in New Gameplay Trailer

Players can decide if the co-op gameplay footage meets expectation with new trailer.

Developer XREAL Games have aimed to deliver to virtual reality (VR) users one of the most realistic military shooters on VR platforms. With the reveal of the new Zero Caliber gameplay trailer, users will get the chance to decide for themselves if the developer has hit the target.

The new gameplay trailer shows some of the alpha gameplay footage of the co-op mode, which is accompanied by a single-player campaign mode, both of which claim to offer a highly realistic FPS combat system.

Zero Caliber

The story is set in the USA in a dystopian future where pollution and micro-plastics has tainted most water supplies, making fresh drinking water one of the most valuable and highly sought after resources. A battle for control of these resources erupts between the remnants of the military forces, mercenaries and private armies and a plethora of religious cults, one of which is keeping a secret that could lead to the salvation of humanity.

Naturally the player is dumped into the middle of this and needs to work out how to survive, and perhaps even find a way to help the human race survive this ongoing disaster.

The gameplay trailer begins in a compound with a military-style helicopter hovering ominously overhead. It’s not clear if the helicopter is friend or foe, but enemies surround the player and are quickly shot down.

The player enters a secluded building to find an armoury of weapons and ammo. Selecting a gun, they emerge, shooting down more foes before ducking into cover. From there, they make their way across the compound, taking out enemies as they go before throwing a grenade into a bunker and taking out the stragglers.

Zero Caliber

The trailer then ends on a more humorous and light-hearted note, showing the player affectionately patting the head of a squad-mate like a loyal dog. The trailer is available to view below, and further coverage of Zero Caliber will be here on VRFocus.

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