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More Music, Including ‘Big Headliners’ Planned for Electronauts States Survios

The content lineup is looking to grow.

Virtual reality (VR) specialist Survios launched its third title last week, a music creation style experience called Electronauts,  continuing the studio’s track record of producing high quality VR content. Rather than creating music completely from scratch players can remix popular tracks by well-known artists, with just over 40 songs featured in the release. The studio isn’t stopping there however, recently detailing plans to add further content in the future.

Survios held a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) a few days after launch, gauging players reactions to the title as well as answering a plethora of questions, some of which included the addition of new songs alongside support for different genres fans would like to see.

When asked about more tracks music supervisor Roger Jao responded: “Yes, we have many more songs lined up for periodic release via free content updates. Expect not only more music, but a wider variety of genres and styles… plus some more big headliners too. We’re really excited about the tracks we’re currently working on for future release.”

Jao also went on to say: “We’ve got quite a few hip hop tracks lined up for our updates later this year, ranging from the current generation of young rappers to some old school legends. We can’t announce anything just yet, but please stay tuned. I think you’ll be impressed by the hip hop artists we’ll be unveiling,” whilst adding: “Some of the tracks we’ve got lined up next are funky, soulful and jazzy. Definitely some disco influences in there too.”


So while there are plenty of songs to get you started Survios will be adding more to keep fans happy, although it’s too early to tell when that might happen.

Electronauts saw a simultaneous launch on PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, achieving a full five stars in VRFocus’ review which said: “Survios has managed to do what few VR developers have done, secure a hat trick of quality titles that should be in everyone’s library. Electronauts combines a wonderfully elaborate yet perfectly simple gameplay design alongside some of the best dance tunes from around the world, making for a videogame that will have you playing for hours and wanting ‘just one more go.’”

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Electronauts and Survios, reporting back with all the latest updates.

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