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Mozilla Mixed Reality

Mozilla Add Easy Content Sharing Within VR Hubs Thanks To New URL Sharing Feature

Share images, videos and even 3D models by simply pasting a URL into a Hubs room.

Back in April of this year Mozilla announced their early preview release of Hubs, an experiment of bringing social mixed reality (MR) to the browser. Since then the team at Mozilla have been hard at work making developments to improve the usability, performance, and support for standalone devices like the Oculus Go. Now, the company have revealed their first big update for Hubs which allows users the ability to bring in videos, images, documents, and even 3D models into Hubs by simply pasting a link.

Mozilla Hubs

Mozilla have been hard a work to bring improvements to Hubs since its release and now users are able to join a room in Hubs by using any virtual reality (VR) device on the market, along with mobile devices and PCs. Thanks to utilizing the browser to help create features that are easy to understand, thanks to their currently familiarity with web browsers. By sharing a link, users are able to invite their friends into a Hub and now by using the same system users will be able to share their favourite content with those in a room as well.

Bring able to share a video with friends in VR simply by pasting in a URL means that it is now easier then ever before to experience content together. Simply log into a Hubs room on your PC or mobile device and drop the link in to see the video appear in the virtual space and start playing. It is even able to be moved around and placed on one of the virtual walls to position it for everyone in the room.

That is not all though, as by pasting in the URL to other content will also see it appear in the virtual room as well. This includes support for image sharing sites like imgur and Giphy. 3D content is shareable as well with the likes of Sketchfab and poly being supported, plus any GLTF scene can be dropped into the Hubs room.

Mozilla have not stopped there though as they have also allowed support for sharing photos and documents that are saved locally to your device. Simply upload the files, drag and drop them, or even paste the content directly from your clipboard to see it within the room. PDF files,holiday photos or a business document that needs checking. Anything is possible now thanks to the simple file sharing accessible by just dropping a URL in.

All of this is protected by encryption and files you no longer need are removed right away. In true Mozilla fashion, the code is all open source so users can look at how it works here, if they are interested. The team are excited to see how users leverage this new feature and they will be paying close attention to feedback and suggestions moving forward.

For more on Mozilla Hubs in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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