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Mysteries Unveiled in New Trailer for Victoriana Sci-Fi Mystery Torn

In a mansion full of machines, the player is the greatest mechanicsm for discovering the truth.

Inspired by the dark mystery TV series Black Mirror, Torn is a virtual reality (VR) experience which draws in elements of Steampunk and Victoriana along with modern trends such as urban exploration to create an immersive sci-fi mystery.

Developer Aspyr Media say that their mystery/puzzle title is a narrative adventure which explores the depths of a mysterious old mansion filled to the brim with strange devices of an unknown purpose.

Torn- House

The story of Torn follows video blogger Katherine Patterson, who stumbles upon an old mansion, whose dusty interior is filled with old machines and strange experiments. She discovers that this was the home of Dr Lawrence Talbot, who went missing over 64 years ago.

Patterson discovered that Dr Talbot is not dead, but he is trapped in another dimension, bodiless and desperate to reactivate his strange machines. The depth of his obsession involves trying to save his wife, who he insists is also still alive, somewhere.

Players need to solve the various strange puzzles that are the product of the apparently deranged mind of a physicist. Part of this involves learning how to use the ‘gravity tool’ to fling around various objects in order to build towers, or bring them all crashing down in a suitably dramatic fashion.

Every room is filled with strange objects, remnants of the past and the lives of Dr Talbot and his wife, such as the strange self-playing organ in the music room, and of course the bizarre, surreal nature of the mysterious otherworld known as ‘The Parallel’.


Torn is the first major title from Aspyr Media, but the company has managed to get proven talent to craft the story and the music. Writing duties are being handled by Neill Glancy, who previously worked on Stranglehold alongside Susan O’Connor, who worked on Tomb Raider and BioShock. The orchestral score is being composed by Garry Schyman, whose previous work includes BioShock and Middle Earth: Shadow of War.

The new trailer is available to view below. Further coverage of Torn and other upcoming VR titles will be right here on VRFocus.

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