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Catch and Release Hero

New Catch & Release PlayStation VR Gameplay Trailer Released

Metricminds release a new trailer for their relaxing virtual reality fishing title.

Developer Metricminds may have released their virtual reality (VR) fishing title Catch & Release on steam back in June of this year but soon it will be time for PlayStation VR owners to get in on the relaxing fun. To help get players excited, the team have released a new gameplay trailer that showcases a number of features the videogame has.

Catch and Release Camera

As the title may suggest, this is a videogame where players will find themselves on a lake with beautify landscapes all around them. Sat in a row boat, it is then up to the player how they want to spend their time relaxing in this title as they go fishing for the next big catch all while enjoying the peaceful natural beauty around them. Where in the lake you want to go and where you want to fish is completely up to you as there are no set locations. Hunting for the best spot to fish is all part of the fun in this title.

Of course, once you have an ideal location found you’ll need to get down to serious business by catching your line and using the right bait to land that big catch. Of course you can also make use of a number of other items around you to have fun including magazines, your lunch, and a radio among many others. You even have a camera so you can take pictures of your day out to keep forever. Catch & Release is designed as a slowly paced title that is ideal for ten minutes of play or hours.

Catch and Release Menu

VRFocus’ Senior Writer Peter Graham previewed Catch & Release saying: “With so many high action shooters and adventure titles for VR it can be nice to slow things down a peg or two, and Catch & Release does exactly that. There’s some beautiful looking scenery to enjoy whilst bobbing up and down in the water, prepping the next hook.”

The PlayStation VR version of Catch & Release still has no set release date but the trailer, which you can view below, listed the title as coming soon. For all the latest on the title and developer Metricminds in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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