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Epson Drone SoAR

New Epson AR App Released For DJI Drone Pilots

Introducing Epson Drone SoAR.

When it comes to global technology leader Epson you’re more likely to think of their inkjet printers or digital printing systems, maybe their projectors or even their industrially-focused robots. Yet, the group also has a very real stake in wearable technology. In particular those related to immersive technology.

Epson logoThroughout 2018, and in particular over the last four months or so we’ve kept up with Epson and their developments, with focus on their augmented reality (AR) app, new developments and partnerships and of course their work with the Moverio series of smart glasses.  The result has been a high turnover of Epson related news – and August ends with yet another update from the firm.

This time it’s in relation to yet another new AR app, this one connecting several items previously touched on in VRFocus stories.  The app is called Epson Drone SoAR, the “first full-featured AR app” for pilots of DJI drones – this follows their previous partnership announcement and the release of the Epson AR Flight Simulator app back in April, also for the Moverio line.  This app brings new, additional AR experiences for drone users as well as providing live video feeds and flight telemetry data.

“As the data is displayed directly in front of the user, pilots using the Epson Drone SoAR app no longer need to look down continuously at their mobile device.” Epson explains in a statement.

Epson Drone SoAR - ScreenshotThe app has been developed exclusively for Epson Moverio BT-300 (FPV/Drone Edition) by YML and Romsin Oushana of DJI Partnerships believes the new app is truly a step up.

“By combining the power of augmented reality delivered by the Epson Moverio BT-300 AR smart glasses and YML’s superlative design, the heads-up app is redefining the way drone enthusiasts experience their aircraft. Available to the consumer market for the first time, the app enables users to push the limits of drone piloting in ways that have never been done before.”

“At Epson, we are focused on expanding the drone market and providing cutting-edge AR technology that will make it more accessible for consumers,” added Epson America Product Manager for Augmented Reality Solutions, Eric Mizufuka. “With this app, training to be a better drone pilot has never been easier.”

The app is available now from the Moverio Apps Market.  You can see a trailer for the app below.  We’ll bring you more news from DJI and Epson very soon, but in the meantime for more stories related to AR on VRFocus please click here.

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