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New Pico G2 Supports Vive Wave and Viveport

HTC Vive hardware partner Pico launches new standalone VR headset in China.

Standalone headsets have been attracting a great deal of attention recently, since the announcement of the Oculus Go. These devices bridge the cap between mobile virtual reality (VR) and high-end devices such as the HTC Vive. One of the most recent standalone devices to be launched is the Pico G2, which is now available in China, complete with support for Vive Wave and Viveport.

Pico is a hardware partner of HTC Vive, and as HTC Vive have stated on their blog, the Pico G2 support of Vive Wave is set to show how HTC intends to support standalone VR headsets across the world for the benefit of hardware partners, content developers and consumer.

Vive Wave is an open platform toolset which has been designed with standalone VR devices in mind. The platform allows for easy development of VR mobile content, high performance device optimisation and a unified Viveport storefront that works across various devices.

For hardware partners such as Pico, the Vive Wave SDK and platform offers an open interface for easy creation and porting of content, which enables Pico to focus on device innovation without worrying about providing an extensive content library.

The Pico G2 uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 XR platform, with 4+32GB of memory and up to 256GB of micro-SD card expandable storage. The Pico G2 is also equipped with two fast-response LCD screens, a 90Hz refresh rate and a 101° field-of-view.

Pico also recently announced the completion of a $24.7 million (USD) Round A funding, led by GF Quanhe and GF Xinde Investment, and completed jointly by Jufeng S&T Venture Investment, among others.

Pico CEO Henry Zhou said that “Pico will keep focusing on all-in-one VR and will also increase its investment in 3D sensing (TOF) and AR technologies in the near future. In the future, Pico hopes to become a portal-level AI vision company through the layout of VR+AR+TOF technology and products.”

For future coverage of HTC Vive and Pico, along with other VR companies, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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