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Immersive Winds VR

New Skyrim VR Mod Blows Real Air Into Players’ Faces

All you need is a house fan, a smart plug and a helpful mod.

If you have been wishing for a more immersive experience when playing the virtual reality (VR) release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, then a recently released mod might be able to help you with that. Immersive Winds, is a mod that connects your PC to a house fan providing you with a more immersive wind experience as you adventure through the massive videogame.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim screenshot

The mod, pointed out by Eurogamer, works by controlling the fan to provide a simulated feeling of wind as you explore the virtual world. What makes it so interesting though is that the mod will control the strength, speed and amount of wind provided from the fan depending on what the player’s altitude is. The location and weather will also be taken into account and is able to offer seven different types of wind.

A mild wind will be felt as the fan is turned off for two seconds before turning on for 1.2 seconds. It will hen cycle through this continually to create a light, constant breeze. For stronger winds, the amount of time the fan is off will be less and the time it is on will, of course, be longer. Though it might seem odd at first this simple, yet effective mod will provide players with a VR experience that is not normally possible at home. VR Arcades and some attractions make use of fans to further immerse players but at home that is not always possible, until now.

Immersive Winds VR

To take advantage of this mod players will need to make use of some extra hardware including of course a fan. Ideally you want an older model which is able to turn on instantly when powered and has buttons or speed controls. You’ll also need a 2.4GHz WLAN Router and a TP-Link HS100 or HS110 Smart Plug. You will also need to install the mod and the Skyrim Script Extender. As for setting everything up there is a short and fairly simple guide that walks you through each step.

It might seem like an extreme thing to do in order to have a more immersive experience but it is definitely one that, should you have the parts, is worth trying out for yourself. You can download the Immersive Winds mod here and for more stories like this in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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