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VR Jogger

Now Available, VR Jogger Brings Accessible Exercise To VR

Improve your cardiovascular fitness on a virtual island.

Award-winning videogame developer and publisher EnsenaSoft have released their latest virtual reality (VR) title that encourages users to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and get some exercise. Entitled VR Jogger, players will get to go on a number of different jogging paths to burn calories and strengthen muscles all while improving cardiovascular fitness.

VR Jogger

VR Jogger offers users a solution that is easy and accessible to use wherever and whenever they may be. It offers a number of different trails to jog along ranging from around four minutes in length to over fourteen minutes in length. All of the the trails take place on a beautiful virtual island that has plenty for users to watch and see to keep the journey interesting and offers sights to enjoy should they need to take a break.

In order to move within VR Jogger, players need only hold a controller in each hand and swing their arms to pick up speed and move through the virtual world. Thanks to the experience allowing players to control the pace of the trail and the length, it means that they can start with a brisk walking pace on the short trail before working up to a longer course with a harder intense jog. Not only does it offer a way for users to get their body moving within the space they have available to them.

VR Jogger

As research continues to say that people should stand up more and walk more, this title makes exercising more accessible by providing many different options. Enjoy the virtual island standing, sitting or in a full of run standing on the spot. One hand, both hands, the choice is yours and once you start going for jogs in VR Jogger users are sure to keep that motivation and become even more active as time goes on.

VR Jogger is now available on Steam with support for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. The title is completely free to download and play meaning anyone can start going for a jog. For more on the title and EnsenaSoft in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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