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NVIDIA Files VR-Related Trademarks

Trademarks have been filed by NVIDIA for VR, VR+, VR2 and VR2+.

Although most of the attention regarding NVIDIA products has be concentrated on speculation regarding the next line of graphics cards from the company, NVIDIA have also been quietly at work on something that suggests more virtual reality (VR) announcements could be on the way.

Several trademarks were filed by the company back in May, which applied to various logos which prominently featured ‘VR’. Specifically, VR, VR+, VR2 and VR2+.

This information was uncovered by a Reddit user identified as elev8dity, who also noted that the trademarks were filed on the same day as the trademark for VirtualLink, a universal standard cable for VR devices which was announced by a number of companies last month, one of which was NVIDIA.

Another enterprising Reddit user noticed that the VR trademark logo makes an appearance on the official VirtualLink website, which does somewhat suggest a likely connection between the two.

VirtualLink was announced last month by a collection of companies as an open standard for connecting PCs to VR headsets by using a variant of a USB Type-C connection. The connection was identified as an ‘Alternate Mode’ of USB-C, and is expected to allow for VR setup to be easier.

The standard was developed by a consortium of companies involved with VR, including Microsoft, Oculus, Valve and others, including NVIDIA. The standard is expected to come into use with the next generation of VR headsets.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080

Though the filing of a trademark suggests that a company has plans for a particular brand, there is no way of knowing exactly what the trademark refers to.

It is possible that something about this will be revealed at NVIDIA’s upcoming Gamescom event, though most analysts are expecting an announcement about NVIDIA’s new line of GeForce graphics cards, something which will also be of interest to many VR enthusiasts.

For future coverage on NVIDIA and other developments in the VR industry, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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