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Original VR/AR Series Meet the Voxels in Development by Nickelodeon

The announcement continues Nickelodeon’s development of VR and AR projects.

Nickelodeon has been getting heavily involved in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) projects of late releasing an AR update for mobile app Sky Whalewhilst launching an entirely AR focused app called Do Not Touch. The company’s latest endeavour is a new, original VR and AR series called Meet the Voxels (working title).

Chris Young - Nickelodeon
Courtesy of Nickelodeon – Chris Young, Senior Vice President of Nickelodeon’s Entertainment Lab

Conceived by Chris Young, Senior Vice President of Nickelodeon’s Entertainment Lab, Meet the Voxels is an animated sitcom created inside a videogame engine.

Meet the Voxels storyline is designed to take viewers behind the scenes of a videogame world, following a family characters called the Voxels. Currently the family members are listed as (still working titles): Hunter, the 13-year-old star of a laser-tag videogame; Maude, a 16-year-old girl fighting to pop as many bubbles as she cantheir younger brother Cody who has not found his videogame calling yet; Mom, a popular street fighter in her videogame; and Dad, a 90’s-era classic console character who quit the business years ago.

“Our vision is to take the real-time technology we’ve been exploring in the Lab and marry it with a creative concept that connects with kids and their passion for video games. We designed this next-gen animation workflow and filled it with characters who can exist naturally across multiple platforms from day one,” said Young in a statement.

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The series’ development will see Nickelodeon use cutting-edge virtual cinema technology, including real-time full body and facial performance capture. Meet the Voxels is being developed to air across Nickelodeon’s channels globally.

“Chris is helping lead Nickelodeon animation toward a transformation into a wholly new content creation studio,” said Chris Viscardi, Senior Vice President, Animation. “Meet the Voxels marks a significant development in turning that content dream into a production reality.”

Meet the Voxels is still early in development, with no actual imagery to share just yet. Nickelodeon has yet to confirm just how it plans on implementing both VR and AR and their respective technologies. When it does, VRFocus will let you know.

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