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Crazy Machines VR - Key Art

Physics Puzzle Title Crazy Machines VR Assembles For Release

Crazy Machines VR will be heading for PC VR later this year.

Way back in 2008, developers at FAKT Software decided to experiment with a top-down physics puzzle title called Crazy Machines where players could play with pulleys, gears and rubber bands to create inventive contraptions. That concept has undergone a great deal of development to become an immersive physics experience that will soon be making its way to virtual reality (VR).

FAKT have been working with EuroVideo for the VR version, Crazy Machines VR, which will bring the many intricate parts and components into the Zero-G environment of space, where players will be able to use motion controls to assemble the gadgets.

Crazy Machines VR - Screenshot

Gameplay involves putting together an intricate, and often quite Rube Goldberg-style of device in order to solve certain challenges and puzzles. The VR version has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to work in VR, with the motion controls designed to be intuitive enough that users can feel like they are handling individual components with their own hands.

Players will need to use logic and reasoning to decide which if the many unsorted objects need to be placed where in order to fulfil the requirements. A grumpy robot assistant is on hand to lend a hand, though is unlikely to be particularly happy about it.

Time is a somewhat mutable concept in Crazy Machines VR, as players are granted the use of a controlling… potato. Pressing the green button will rewind time, allowing players the chance to reset their contraption and add, subtract or move objects as needed. A second press resumes time, and will result in success or failure.

Peter managed to get hands-on with a preview of Crazy Machines VR at Gamescom, where he said: “Crazy Machines VR certainly has the potential to be a refreshing puzzle experience in VR and, given the high level of challenge offered by previous titles, will likely be a brain taxer that goes far beyond most of what the medium has yet dared to offer.”

Crazy Machines VR - Screenshot

Crazy Machines VR will be heading to PC VR platforms, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality in Autumn of 2018, while the PlayStation VR will be coming in Early 2019. Further news on Crazy Machines VR and other upcoming VR titles will be here on VRFocus.

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