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PIXO VR and HP Collaborate on VR Training Solutions for Enterprise

They’ll be showcasing the software/hardware initiative at SIGGRAPH 2018 this week.

Virtual reality (VR) is proving to be an increasing popular technology when it comes to training scenarios due to its ease of use, reduced costs, and ability to teach dangerous situations in a safe environment. To aid in this ever expanding sector, global technology giant HP has collaborated with PIXO VR to bring VR training to enterprises around the world.


PIXO VR is a VR software creator that specialises in state-of-the-art, AAA-game quality VR training experiences. With this new tech alliance the two companies aim to provide global businesses with a complete, out-of-the-box, immersive training solution – hardware and software, end-to-end.

Having previously built photo-realistic training solutions for industry verticals including construction, manufacturing, energy and utilities, PIXO VR will now look at taking full advantage of the HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset and the HP VR Backpack, which offers users a tetherless experience, complete with hot-swappable batteries for total freedom of movement in a VR experience.

“We’re really excited. Businesses may understand what VR can do, but they need a viable path for how to integrate it within their organizations and training programs. They want a complete solution,” said PIXO VR CEO, Sean Hurwitz in a statement. “HP hardware combined with PIXO VR software provides just that. We couldn’t ask for better partners.”


“HP is known for building great hardware. PIXO VR builds great software. But really, we both build great experiences. That’s the passion for both companies,” adds Jay Fraser, HP’s Global Head of VR for Training. “We’re cutting the last few cords with the physical world and allowing users true freedom. Freedom to explore new experiences, new realities, new ways of learning and doing.”

With it being SIGGRAPH 2018 this week both PIXO VR and HP will be in attendance showcasing their alliance of software and hardware in the companies first combined event.

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