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Post Gamescom XR Review

Play Arca’s Path At The Post Gamescom XR Review

Check out Rebellion and Dream Reality Interactive’s latest VR title at next month’s London-based event.

Not everyone is lucky enough to make it to Gamescom, which does mean missing out on some f the biggest and best upcoming immersive titles, and putting up with the smugness of those who did get to go. Fear not, as VRFocus is here to help, with some of the most anticipated immersive properties coming to the UK for the VRFocus Gamescom XR Review event.

One of the big names who will be heading to Gamescom XR is developer and publisher Rebellion, who will be bringing a virtual reality (VR) title from fellow British developer Dream Reality Interactive called Arca’s Path.

While Rebellion first made its mark in VR with a VR update of classic arcade tank shooter Battlezone, Arca’s Path is a far more relaxed experience compared to the frenetic action of Battlezone.

Dream Reality Interactive have described Arca’s Path as ‘An abstract yet enchanting adventure’. The title involves guiding a girl through a beautiful, pastel-shaded world. For reasons as yet unclear, this means using a ball, which is controlled using the player’s gaze.

The player utilises their eyes to move the ball over a series of elevated platforms, while attempting to get used to the physics of the object and learn how to use its properties to the full advantage.

Obstacles in the way include lifts, bridges and high-speed descents. Along the way there are a number of collectables to pick up, some of which are cunningly hidden away in nooks and crannies for the player to seek out. Though it is not yet known what function these will play in the complete version of the title.

Not a great deal is known as yet about the story of Arca’s Path, as so far there are only a few tantalising static images which show a girl living in a junkyard who finds a magical mask that strangely changes her into a ball and transports her to a mysterious, colourful land.

The Gamescom XR Review event will be taking place on 6th September, 2018. You can apply for tickets by visiting the Eventbrite page. For future coverage on Gamescom XR, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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