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Snake Mask

Play The Iconic Snake Game In Augmented Reality

Nokia bring back their classic title in a new way.

If you have any memory of classic Nokia mobile phones then you might remember a popular videogame by the name of Snake. Even to this day Snake is still an ever popular videogame with a number of different releases, versions, spin-offs and even rip-offs dotted all over the place. Now though, HMD Global have revealed the classic snake game from the past by bringing it back with an augmented reality (AR) twist.

Snake Mask

This comes in the form of Snake Mask and Snake Real World filters for Facebook which bring the classic title back from the past in a new and exciting way. By using immersive technology and the latest trends to give Snake a stunning return in ways that will allow users to become the snake themselves. This follows the release of the Snake videogame on Facebook Messenger back in early 2017.

In this new release, players will become the Snake and have to find those apples to eat within AR space to earn the most points. The title also includes Facebook Live integration meaning that users can broadcast their snake game with their friends, allowing others to watch you become the snake as you move around in AR space. You can stick out your tongue and watch as your long, pink snake tongue sticks out as well.

Snake Mask

As for the Snake Real World filters, these use the rear camera to help bring Snake to life in many other ways. The Snake Mask, as you might expect, requires the use of the front camera. Once more, it is not just Nokia phones that will get to enjoy the Snake fun as both iOS and Android users will also be able to become the snake.

Nokia have also collaborated with comedian and YouTuber Matt Keck to create a short video to promote the release given that he created the viral video “I’m a Snake” a few years back, which sits around 23 million views on YouTube.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest from HMD Global in the future, including all things AR, so make sure to stay tuned for more.


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