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PlayStation VR Booth - Gamescom 2018

PlayStation VR Showcases Upcoming Titles at Gamescom 2018

There’s a number of titles at the official booth,

Videogame fans from all over Europe and beyond come to Gamescom every year to check out what new and exciting titles will be heading to store shelves and digital store fronts. Sony are whetting appetites for its upcoming selection of PlayStation VR titles with a showcase of some big titles.

The PlayStation VR stand has several upcoming titles with playable builds ready for attendees to try out and get some early impressions. The available titles are: Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Space Pirate Trainer, Blood & Truth, and Firewall Zero Hour.

PlayStation VR Booth - Gamescom 2018 - Firewall: Zero HourFirewall Zero Hour is one of the most highly anticipated PlayStation VR titles. Coming from developers First Contact entertainment, Firewall Zero Hour is a tactical, team-based military shooter. According to the VRFocus team-on site, the build at Gamescom is a newer and more polished version than the one previously demonstrated at E3, which is expected with the title’s release date being imminent.

Brightly neon-lit shooter Space Pirate Trainer is also available to play. This title puts players in a battle against waves of deadly robot enemies. Players con choose to go guns akimbo with two pistols, or stay on the defensive with a shield and pistol combination.

Blood & Truth is the latest from London Studios, which expands on the studios’ previous work in PlayStation VR Worlds with The London Heist. Players will explore the seedy criminal underbelly of the UK’s capital city in an attempt to save a family from the depredations of a criminal syndicate.

PlayStation VR Booth - Gamescom 2018: Astro BotAstro Bot: Rescue Mission is a cute third-person platform adventure title which continues the adventures of the adorable Astro Bots who first made their appearance in The Playroom. In Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Astro is the captain of a ship, crewed by the bots who have all been lost. Astro Bot has to set off across 26 levels in five locations to try and recover them all.

For further coverage on VR and AR at Gamescom 2018, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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