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PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR Totally Digital Sale Celebrates Three Million Units Sold

With three million PlayStation VR units sold worldwide, its time to grab a deal.

It was only yesterday that Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) announced that they have hit a major milestone for the PlayStation VR by having sold more than three million units worldwide. The console-based head-mounted display (HMD) first launched almost two years ago and to help celebrate this milestone SIE are having a digital-only sale on a number of exciting virtual reality (VR) titles.

Surgeon Simulator Experience Reality

Though there are far to many titles within the digital-only deals to list in one post, below you will find a number of highlights which are worth checking out. With three million PlayStation VR units sold and plenty of titles to pick from there is sure to be something for everyone. This includes the likes of Torn for only $25.49 (USD) with an extra 5% saving for PlayStation Plus Members available, Bow to Blood down to $23.99 and Killing Floor:Incursion for the low price of $20.99 with once again an extra 10% saving for PlayStation Plus Members.

If you are looking for a videogame that will let you live out the dream of being a surgeon then maybe Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality for only $7.99 might be for you. PlayStation Plus Members can also save an extra 10% on this title as well bringing the price down to $6.99. Keeping to the theme of wired and wonderful why not help a number of salary men escape in Salary Man Escape VR for only $12.79 with an extra 20% available for PlayStation Plus Members. There is also Mortal Blitz for only $11.99 also featuring a 10% extra saving and VR Ping Pong on sale for only $5.24.


Other titles worth checking include End Space for only $9.99 with PlayStation Plus Members able to save an extra 10% and pick it up for only $8.99. If the thrill of a horror experience is more you thing then maybe DYING: Reborn PSVR and Weeping Doll will be for you, both available for $3.99 with an extra 10% saving available on both of them.

For more details and to see even more titles on offer in the digital-only deals make sure to head over to the PlayStation store to explore everything on offer. For all the latest on PlayStation VR and future deals, keep reading VRFocus to say up to date.

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