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Plugo, An Immersive AR Gaming System For Children Takes To Kickstarter

A new augmented reality gaming system that is design to help children learn as they play.

PlayShifu, the company behind Orboot, the augmented reality (AR) globe designed for children have taken to Kickstarter once again for their new product, Plugo. This new product is an immersive AR gaming system that combines physical and virtual play to help engage children in play that is both fun and educational.


Plugo is designed for kids between the ages of five and eleven years, with each kit coming with a number of exciting educational games that are conceptualized to help child learn, play and have fun all at the same time. The gamepad is compatible with a number of different iOS and Android tables and smartphones, including the iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and plenty more.

The product works by using a Gamepad, which your device sits in, and then using one of the gaming kits to open up a world of experiences. The four gaming kits featured in the Kickstarter including Quest, Count, Link and Steer. These four psychical components of Plugo unlock limitless possibilities for engaging entertainment that all aims to help children learn and grow.


Plugo Steer is focused on improving children’s sense of direction by allowing them to choice their own adventure and explore the unknown. Plugo Count makes learning with numbers more fun then it has ever been. Plugo Quest is focused on building vocabulary and comprehension skills while finally, Plugo Link is all about development motion skills and logic skills. All of these lessons are delivered within a bright, cheerful visual presentation that is sure to keep the attention of children while they play.

At the time of writing the Kickstarter campaign has already raised it’s target of $25,000 (USD) and is currently siting at just over $35,500, with 20 days left to go on the campaign. Those looking to back the project and secure their own Plugo will need to pledge a minimum of $45 in order to get the Plugo Gamepad and one of the Plugo Kit’s along with four digital games. To get all four of the Plugo Kits and a total of sixteen digital games you will need to pledge $119 or more.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on Plugo in the future and you can find a short promotional video below.

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