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Porsche Showrooms Get a VR Makeover By ZeroLight and StarVR

The new retail experience has debuted at SIGGRAPH 2018 this week.

SIGGRAPH 2018 certainly hasn’t disappointed when it comes to virtual reality (VR) news and announcements. There’s been Disney debuting animation CyclesKhronos showcasing OpenXR, and StarVR Corporation unveiling its latest headset, the StarVR One. And StarVR Corp isn’t stopping there, using the event to showcase a new state-of-the-art VR showroom experience featuring Porsche vehicles.


Created in collaboration with Zerolight – a specialist in car retail solutions which has previously worked with Ultrahaptics – the VR experience showcases the new Porsche Cayenne Turbo on the streets of Ginza, Japan.

Looking to improve previous VR showroom experiences that have been limited by consumer-grade equipment, the new content allows customers to configure and explore their vehicle on a 1:1 scale, with attendees able to customise the vehicle while interacting with multiple features, such as the doors, boot and accessories.

“StarVR One offers brands and agencies a new tool and technology to completely immerse customers in exceptional stories and experiences. The combination of unmatched field-of-view and custom AMOLED displays and lens — delivering almost invisible pixels — enables a near complete and seamless envelopment into the virtual world. Together with the eye gazing data gathering supported by StarVR One’s integrated eye tracking, users have a never-felt-before sense of presence that sets the bar for the next wave of premium VR experiences,” said Guillaume Gouraud, Industry Relations and Business Development Europe, StarVR Corporation in a statement.

StarVR One

“We continually innovate to offer market-leading solutions that drive customer engagement. With StarVR, we can finally showcase the quality of our solution to its full potential in virtual reality, delivering stunning immersive experiences that will bring users even closer to their dream car,” adds Francois de Bodinat, CMO, ZeroLight.

Alongside the hands-on immersive experience ZeroLight will also be demonstrating its analytics product called Wisdom. This uses StarVR One’s built-in eye tracking technology to understand real-time customer behaviour which brands can use to improve how customers interact with their products. For further updates from ZeroLight and StarVR Corp, keep reading VRFocus.

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