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Raleigh Fire Department

Raleigh Fire Department Invests In Virtual Reality To Enrich Training

New system allows department personnel to learn new skills through immersive experiences.

In a move that is becoming more common as time passes, Raleigh Fire Department have revealed that they are investing in virtual reality (VR) to enhance training and save money. The department spoke with abc 11 to discuses the new technology which will allow the department to enrich their training and further prepare their crews for real life situations.

Raleigh Fire Department

The VR solution allows emergency medical services (EMS) personnel to dive into a rich and detailed environment which allows them to pinpoint portions of the body to dissect. This then allows them then see each part of the body in great detail along with viewing it from any angle. The goal is to allow for users to gain the experience to diagnose injuries from a variety of vantage points all where working within an virtual environment capable of displaying countless scenarios.

“It gets our recruits into an immersive environment, which most of them grew up playing video games. I grew up playing video games. So when you make education fun, you typically retain it better,” said Jeffrey Stallings, the EMS Coordinator with the Raleigh Fire Department. “It feels like you’re in there. They say two to three minutes in a virtual reality and you forget that you’re in there. And that’s what we’re going for,”

Raleigh Fire Department

The VR training is much cheaper then standard training as well with the current set up the Raleigh Fire Department are using costing around $2,000 (USD). This is compared to the $30,000 to $50,000 it can cost for CPR mannequins, skeletons, and other associated equipment to do the same job. Once more, the VR solution offers a much more immersive and limitless experience.

Raleigh Fire Department are also looking into expanded their VR training to include the training for their fire trucks. Currently the training is carried out using a model or a real fire truck which can take a lot of time to prepare and cost a fair amount. With a VR solution, the department could offer more training features by putting the user in front of a virtual fire truck with, once again, countless possibilities.

As Raleigh Fire Department continue to invest in VR technology to enhance their training experiences, VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest from the department along with all things VR.

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