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Realis Displays VR Use-Cases for Its Motion Capture System

Chinese motion capture company was demonstrating how its new mocap software could enhance VR.

Earlier this month, the largest convention on the topic of computer graphics and interactive technologies was held in Vancouver, Canada. A number of new and developing technologies were on display there, including a demonstration from Chinese motion capture firm Shenzhen Realis Multimedia Technology, usually called simply Realis.

Motion capture, or mocap, is becoming a technology that is increasingly relied on for various applications, including filmmaking, visual effects and, of course, virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree video creation.

Realis at SIGGRAPH 2018

To keep up with the rising demand for this technology, Realis has upgraded its core technologies, and released two new software products for use with multi-person, full-body motion capture, called Tenoomi and Rovonga.

Rovonga is a marker-based system, which involves markers attached to a human performer at key locations. This allows for a whole-body skeleton model to be produced. This model can then be used to drive human-like movement. Rialis say this system is designed for applications including filmmaking, animation production, sport training and scientific research.

The Tenoomi system is likely to be the one more of interest to VR developers and creators. It is a rigid body solution for full-body motion capture. This technology is said to be suitable for scenarios where real-time interaction between humans and computers is needed, such as videogames, VR and broadcasting.

Realis has provided a pre-compiled and ready-to-use inverse kinematics algorithm with the software. Support for connections to 3D or VR engines including Unreal Engine 4 and Unity.

The company says its goal is to foster more in-depth interaction between humans and computers. Realis’s CEO, Xu Qiuzi said: “Realis is committed to provide optical motion capture and human-computer interactive technology. The official version of the full-body motion capture system is supposed to provide a cost-effective, developed and made in China mocap solution with high capacity and professional support to users. Realis full-body motion capture solution is critical for projects of the next generation such as film and television, military, VR developers, sports, and industrial simulation.”

Realis at SIGGRAPH 2018

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