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Reality Blender

Reality Blender Lets You Bring Your Surroundings Into VR

Use a camera feed and chroma key to bring your surroundings into your virtual experiences.

If you have been looking for a way to see your hands and controllers while enjoying a virtual reality (VR) experience then Reality Blender is here to help with just that. Now in Early Access, this new application allows users to see their surroundings as a 2D overlay inside their VR headset to create a mixed reality (MR) gaming experience.

Reality Blender

By using a camera feed and Chroma key, the application is able to blend a users surrounding environment into their virtual experience. This makes it the ideal solution for those who enjoy cockpit based games such as space, racing, and flight simulation titles where VR offers a greater sense of immersion. Though within these titles users are able to see all the controls around them within their cockpit they are not able to see their own hands. This means that Reality Blender gives players the chance to see their out of experience controllers without the need for hand tracking technology.

Thanks to the backdrop feature allows a user to position a backdrop within virtual space that corresponds to their real world green screen. This allows for an unobstructed 360-degree view in VR without having to completely surround themselves with green screen. By adding the Image FX DLC, users will have access to real time effects which allow for additional options to mask out backdrops and allow for users to see their hands and controls.

Reality Blender

Currently in Early Access, Reality Blender is only compatible with videogames while running in SteamVR or OpenVR mode, and is expected to be in Early Access for around 12 months. Of course, to use the application users will need a camera or webcam in order to record the live feed. The developers at PyrofrogStudos are working to not only improve the performance of the application and camera feed but also include numerous effects to give users more options.

Reality Blender is currently available to download for free with the Image EX DLC priced at £2.89 (GBP) on SteamVRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on Reality Blender in the future so make sure to stay tuned for more.

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