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Space Maze

Redox Entertainment’s Latest VR Title Space Maze Is Now Available

Face the challenges of a dangerous labyrinth in this intense immersive virtual reality title.

Developer Redox Entertainment recently released their latest virtual reality (VR) title that sees players face the challenges of a dangerous labyrinth in their very own spaceship. Enter the Space Maze and immerse yourself in a virtual world where danger could appear at any moment. Avoid deadly asteroids, unexpected obstacles and work hard to find your way out of the complicated maze.

Space Maze

Offering over fifteen thrilling levels to overcome, players will need to put their skills to the test in order to be the fastest, smartest and the most agile pilot in space. Players will have to pick from a number of different ships, each with their only benefits including the Blade, Hammer, Saw, Pike and Trident. Then use skill and reflexes to maneuver through the deadly maze as they avoid asteroids, obstacles, traps, dead ends and much more. A wrong turn could cost greatly in this complex maze so learning the routes and mastering the gameplay will be what ensures victory.

To help on the adventure, players will b able to use a number of amazing upgrades to gain the upper hand. With vicious killer-drones and numerous obstacles to overcome, even the smallest amount of help can improve the chances of survival. Only the bravest and most agile of pilots will be able to make it out of the Space Maze so mastering every elements, ship, upgrades and obstacles will be required.

Space Maze

Even though the Space Maze is a dangerous place, it is still a rather beautiful one. The title features a colourful visual design that feels alien and futuristic, adding to the immersion that players will experience while playing through this adrenaline filled title.

Space Maze is available now on Steam with support for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The title is available for £4.92 (GBP) as a special launch discount until August 26th, 2018 after which the price will go up to £5.79. Space Maze is also available on the Oculus store for Gear VR for only £3.99 as well.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the Space Maze and Redox Entertainment in the future so stay tuned for more. You can see the trailer for the title below.

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