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Resolution Games Brings Wonderglade and Bait! To Viveport

HTC Vive Focus users in China will now be able to enjoy Bait! and Wonderglade.

China has become a market of great interest to virtual reality (VR) content developers and hardware manufacturers, as it is a fast-growing market that is embracing new technology. To cater to this developing market, Resolution Games have released two of its leading titles on Viveport, making them available to customers in China.

The two titles are virtual fishing simulator Bait! And carnival-themed mini-game collection Wonderglade, both of which are now available on Viveport, making them available for HTC Vive Focus users.

HTC Vive Focus headset

Bait! Is probably the best-known title from Resolution Games, first launched on the Samsung Gear VR and racking up over 2 million downloads. The title features five different fishing lakes, which users can explore to find and collect different fish species, including the elusive rare fish as part of a story campaign to save an ailing aquarium.

Wonderglade is a mini-game collection which takes users to a magical theme park where players are challenged to beat various VR incarnations of traditional carnival games, including mini-golf, tiny basketball, a water-gun game and several others, all of which have an eccentric theming and wacky characters for added entertainment.

“Our games have received a warm welcome by VR users around the world who enjoy relaxing by our virtual lakes on Bait! or laughing their way through Wonderglade’s carnival-themed mini-games. We’re excited for users in China to finally get to play them with all the Viveport supported devices,” said Tommy Palm, co-founder and CEO of Resolution Games. “The games will be available with full six-degrees-of-freedom head movement on supported devices and players will be able to really lean in and inspect the detail, while also feeling much more immersed in the experience.”

Bait! Will cost ¥ 27 (RMB) while Wonderglade is priced at ¥ 13. Both titles can be downloaded from on any device supported by Viveport.

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